1.Rilano Hotels & Resorts

"Die Zusammenarbeit mit dem Team von myhotelshop ist wirklich großartig und macht sehr viel Spaß. Man ist hier nicht irgendein Kunde – die persönliche Betreuung ist ganz klar im Fokus. Die Kollegen sind immer erreichbar und die Reaktionszeit ist sensationell kurz. Es handelt sich um Experten, die die Belange der Hotels kennen. Wir konnten mit myhotelshop schon nach kurzer Zeit gute Erfolge verzeichnen. Zu empfehlen sind auch die angebotenen Seminare. Hier konnten wir viele Tipps bereits gewinnbringend umsetzen."
Stefanie Modlinger, Head of E-Commerce, Oktober 2015

2.Althoff Hotel Collection | AMERON Hotels

"Ich vertraue myhotelshop als Experten, die verstehen wie Hotels ticken und uns dementsprechend super beraten. Beste Grundlage dieser Zusammenarbeit ist die Kompetenz und Ehrlichkeit bei der Unterstützung in unseren E-Commerce Tätigkeiten."
Stefan Matthiessen, Director of eCommerce & CRM, Oktober 2015


"Wir sind mit der Zusammenarbeit mit Myhotelshop sehr zufrieden. Ein nettes, kompetentes junges Team, dass für uns ein sehr erfolgreiches Kampagnenmanagement führt. Wir konnten unseren Umsatz enorm steigern und die Kosten für Buchungen in allen unseren Häusern unter 10% senken. Wir sind uns sicher, weiterhin gute Ergebnisse zu erzielen."
Nina Woitkowiak, H'Otello Management, September 2015

4.Novum Group

"Ich schätze das Kampagnen Management von myhotelshop sehr. Es unterstützt die tägliche Arbeit durch schnelles pragmatisches Umsetzen unserer strategischen Vorgaben. Neben der extremen Zeitersparnis liefert es vollständige Transparenz des Return on Investment. Dank myhotelshop haben wir unsere Online Umsätze signifikant erhöht und unsere Profitabilität gesteigert."
Martin Stegner, Chief Information Officer, December 2014

5.relexa hotel Bellevue

"We have already tried out various types of advertising on The handling is very easy and when it does get a little more complicated then myhotelshop offers help fast and unbureaucratically. The statistics are sent out on a regular basis facilitating an overview of the budget one still has. Another advantage is the fact that one can limit ones budget right from the start. This way even a small investment is sufficient enough to find out the most suitable type of advertisement for the hotel."
Olaf Dierich, General Manager relexa hotel Bellevue, August 2013

6.Grand Elysée Hamburg

"The myhotelshop email product is the ideal solution for our short-term and operative requirements in customer communications. We needed something which could be implemented quickly, simply and cost effectively, and be easy to operate in everyday tasks. As a 5-star hotel, however, we also wanted to have qualitatively reliable technology that delivered detailed reports which we could use to optimally provide our target market groups with information. After a long search we found the ideal solution with myhotelshop. The price is unbeatable, the layouts and design models are top quality and the technology is reliable. It is clear that the tool is based on operative experience in the hotel sector, as it is tailor-made for use by hoteliers."
Claudia Günnewig, Director of Business Development, Elysée Hotel AG Hamburg, March 2013

7.German Hotel Association (IHA)

"In an evermore complex distribution world hoteliers need tools which can boost direct business and simultaneously save them time and money. Therefore, we have supported the development of the myhotelshop platform right from when the first product ideas came into being. Hoteliers can quickly and transparently search for and book suitable instruments out of the online marketing building blocks and control the success of them. This innovation of a really simple-to-use administration tool definitely helps to generate more online bookings via a hotel's own website."
Markus Luthe, Managing Director German Hotel Association (IHA), September 2012

8.HSMA Germany

"Electronic direct sales are increasingly becoming a more strategic pillar in hotelier's sales mixes. With myhotelshop there is now finally a provider in the marketplace who also enables medium-sized hotel chains and small individual hotels to boost their direct business in a targeted manner with a small budget. As a sector, we have to be strongly active in this field and in addition, technical solutions are required which save hotels time and simultaneously deliver know-how and industry expertise. For hoteliers it has to be possible to operate online marketing in a simple, quick and affordable way, and offers exactly that. In this respect it can perhaps even be seen as one of the most innovative technical developments since the introduction of the channel manager 8 years ago."
Haakon Herbst, Managing Director Friends Hotels & President HSMA Deutschland e.V., October 2012

9.Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts AG

"Myhotelshop is a fantastic and innovative product, which, as an e-commerce manager first and foremost, saved us a lot of time and money, by taking care of so many stages of the working process and giving us more time to concentrate on important strategic work. Whether it's researching for placements, the booking of a placement through a central login or the free automatic generation of advertising material - the simplification of the complex online marketing process is at the forefront of myhotelshop's concept and is the reason we use it in our daily work."
Mathias Dinier, Online Marketing Manager for Travel Charme Hotels & Resorts, September 2012

10.Hotel Gutenberger Lübeck

"The myhotelshop Premium Content Manager is a unique product for the hotel business. Never before have we found a comparably useful, time saving and competitively priced solution to provide us with support in daily hotel business. As with a channel manager, the data only has to be entered once. Myhotelshop then distributes the contents to all desired portals. We specify the services, update times, contents, etc. In this way we are not only very flexible, but also able to specify our own content. We are of course also happy to take advantage of the advice offered by the myhotelshop team. As well as being impressed by the professional maintenance, we also benefit in the long term from their know-how."
Kerstin and Ralph Lewenhardt, landlords of Hotel Gutenberger, Lübeck, March 2013

11.HolidayCheck AG

"Myhotelshop represents a good addition to our sales mix and advertising options. Hotels are increasingly recognising the relevance of HolidayCheck for successful bookings and use HolidayCheck's advertising materials to put their hotel in a position of high regard. With myhotelshop hoteliers can combine the HolidayCheck hotel ads with other marketing measures and make more effective use of their marketing budgets."
Georg Ziegler, Head of B2B Marketing HolidayCheck AG, September 2012

12.EVENT Hotels Berlin

"At the moment more online direct business is a very difficult endeavour for individual hotels. With myhotelshop we have a process in place, which gives us access to highly appealing marketing placements at cheap prices, and is also very easy to use. As a hotel it is important for us to be active online in a simple, quick and uncomplicated manner, and to receive a transparent success report. For us the return on investment is at the fore. As such it is especially important to us that our budget is implemented efficiently. With myhotelshop many fixed prices are omitted, for example the personal effort in research and the creation of advertising material, which puts us in a position to invest more money in marketing an thus generate more direct business."
Jürgen Gangl, Area Manager EVENT Hotels Berlin & General Manager Grand Hotel Esplanade Berlin, September 2012

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